about forthehome.

Hey friends! I’m Christine AKA ForTheHome. I’m a lover of decorating, creating, and plants! I have an amazing husband and 7 lovely animals.

Once upon a time (long before marriage) Shawn & I would find ourselves spending most of our weekends decorating Shawn's first starter home, a teeeeeeny tiny foreclosed bungalow in Old Brooklyn (Cleveland), Ohio. Most of the time, that was NOT a part of our weekend "plan". We would always just someway, somehow stumble into a new painting project, thrifting for hours or completely fixing up an entire room. Now-a-days—we've been doing a little bit of reno here and there, visiting way more coffee shops than normal and rearranging our plants like it's our day job.

We truly love our home and everything in it, and we love to share it with others! I originally started this blog to share more of our house but we realized we have a lot more to share than just plants and projects!

& That leads us to now! We welcome you to join us on our journey, inside of our house and out. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you and we hope we can inspire you in ways that we never imagined!

 Xx - Shawn & Christine


All photography on this page is courtesy of 57thPhotography