Not in Love With Bathroom Vanities? Me Either

I don’t know if Shawn and I are the only ones..but..bathroom vanities aren’t on the top of our favorite furniture lists.. that is until this house project!  We honestly have never been big on bathrooms, so when it came to picking bathroom vanity we honestly didn’t know where to start. Every bathroom vanity we saw, we just didn’t love. They were really pretty, but they didn’t feel like US. So it made the design process a little tricky!

After a lot of vanity hunting and back and forth with Shawn, I thought about the idea of converting a cabinet into a vanity. I’ve always loved the look but never really thought about doing it ourselves. So I started searching online for media consoles/dressers we could convert, which isn’t super easy because you have to work with the space you have, and a lot of dressers are either too deep, too wide, too narrow, etc. After A LOT of back and forth I finally found the right media console for the space! I showed Shawn my idea, with the mirror/faucet/sink combination and he loved it! 


Well that was my first hurdle, coming up with something Shawn loved too. Next was proposing the idea to our builder. I showed him the idea and explained that we would have to do wall mounted faucets since the vanity was not deep enough for a widespread or single faucet. He was totally on board!


It was a bit nerve wracking waiting because they had to cut the sink tops pretty much perfectly so that the sink is perfectly aligned with the wall. :) But it all worked out! The wall faucets needed a little bit of cleaning up but that was pretty much it!

Now we love our bathroom vanity so much. We’re so happy we decided to convert this media console into a bathroom piece!


Want to convert a console into a vanity? Here are some tips from my experience

  • Make sure you know the exact dimensions of your bathroom, and what your ideal width and depth is for the vanity! This will help you eliminate dressers and cabinets that won’t work from the get-go. I had some gorgeous options to pick from that just wouldn’t work because of the width/depth.

  • be mindful of the height of your future vanity, I read online that the average height for a bathroom vanity can range from 30”-36”

  • Wall faucets can be pricey.. be prepared. But there’s hope! I recently saw Leanne Ford use this wall faucet on one of her projects. Super affordable and absolutely gorgeous!

  • I’m not sure if you 100% have to but drop in sinks make the converting process a little easier.. all your tradesman will have to do is cut a hole in the top of your cabinet!

  • If your console has drawers—have a game plan. I knew we wouldn’t be able to use the top drawers because of the drop-in sinks. So before my builder started I told him he can cut the drawer bases off and seal the drawer fronts shut. #nodrama

  • Measure, then measure, then measure again! You won’t regret it :) there are a lot of working parts that go into converting a vanity (the piece itself, sinks, faucets, plumbing) so it’s okay to be super detailed 😊 I did all of my mock ups in photoshop so that I knew what everything looked like before purchasing!


Ming Alder Cabinet

Thomas Mirror

Litze Wall Mounted Faucet

Zamora Drop-In Sink

New York Switch Plate