design inspiration


We have been working on the design for the new house for over a year now.. hard to believe, right? With more time, comes more ideas.. more planning.. more changing our minds.. and I am honestly so grateful for that! Shawn and I have our own personal ‘style’ that is definitely evolving. For a minute we were loving mid-century but it honestly just doesn’t seem right for the new house. We are basically living on a farm, so we gotta start acting like it! Just kidding. We’re not going farmhouse.. But we are going on more of a vintage-ish farmhouse-ish inspired route! I am soooo excited to share!

ready for some inspiration?

One piece of furniture that Shawn and I both absolutely love and want in the new house is a chesterfield style sofa. We plan to put one in our great room for sure.


Mixed with some natural elements, an area rug, and a vintage inspired media console. Very specific.. yes. I have been working on floor-plans until 2am many nights, ha!


Another one of the many exciting things for us in this new house is the simple fact that we will have a dining room! We have never had one before. In fact, we only have one ‘table top’ in our current house, our desk! We landed on our dining room table, the Francis table from Arhaus. It’s gorgeous, feels super vintage, and will definitely be a family heirloom so it’s worth the investment to us. My parents have given Shawn and I many Arhaus pieces that lasted over a decade for them and over 5 years for us! I love the idea of passing furniture down, especially since it’s made to last! I am also loving the idea of mixing dining chairs.


I’m so excited to hunt for unique finds at flea markets, Craigslist and Etsy to use as wall decor. I’m really interested in finding a couple of vintage chests/cabinets too. This is going to be a long process of decorating but I know it’s going to be so worth it!


So what do you guys think?! Are you as excited as I am?!? I can’t wait to start sharing more and more inspiration/renovation progress.

xx, Christine