So much Drywall 😍


I can’t believe I’m writing this post right now! It’s been 1.5 years since the house was last seen with drywall, and before it looked nothing like this! It is so exciting to see how light and bright everything is!

1st floor


We still aren’t sure if we want to wrap the post thats in front of the fireplace, right now it’s just covered in drywall and it doesn’t bother us but we will see once the house is painted!


We’re still working on the new fireplace design but we’re 95% sure of what we want :). Once everything is finalized I’ll definitely be sharing updates! We love our current fireplace so we want this new one to be just as special!


For now you can see we have our two wires ready for their sconces, this is where we’ll put art when we move 😊


Shawn and I are both super excited for the office. We already picked out our furniture for the more part! We’re still working through the details on the glass portion of the wall. We need to figure out trim for the outer edges.

2nd floor

The peaks are still looking gorgeous!! We were planning on doing wood paneling on all of the peaks but it’s not in our budget. So we’re going to have to do it as an update down the road!


The master bathroom is the brightest of the rooms. Look at all of the windows! I’m definitely going to add some tropical plants in here. They’ll thrive with the humidity from the shower.


I love how the brick chimney peaks through the doorway in the bathroom.

So thats all I have for now! Just a quick update to show you guys where we’re at. Next up is windows and flooring. Next month will be cabinets. Let me know what you think below!

Christine Higgs