How to Pick Exterior Door Hardware


Picking exterior door hardware sounds simple, right? Not exactly! Finding the right hardware for our fixer upper was a bit of a process. I personally enjoyed it, but it still took some time! We wanted something that was new but had a vintage feel to it, matched the style of the house AND matched our own personal style. Luckily, we were able to find the perfect fit for all of our wants and needs at Nostalgic Warehouse.

Keep on scrolling to see the thought process behind picking exterior hardware!

SHAPE—C-grip vs S-grip

These two styles are both beautiful but are completely different in style (and shape obviously). To me, the C-grip adds a bit of a masculine touch to the overall appearance of your door, while the S-grip feels more feminine and delicate. To me, if I were to use an S-grip it would be to add a little softness to the overall look, and I would use the C-grip if I wanted to make more of a bold, sharp statement! Ultimately, we picked the C-grip, we loved the more masculine style and the way the shape flowed with the rest of the structural lines on the house, sharp and bold. 🤩


STYLE—Modern, Traditional, Victorian

I think this is easier to determine once you land on your front door style. If you have more of a modern, sleek front door, I would stick to a hardware style that features clean lines and minimal in terms of detailing. If you choose a classic door, like a typical 2 panel, 4 panel, 1/2 glass or 3/4 glass, in my opinion you can honestly choose between the three! For us, we went with a more traditional hardware style, the New York style by Nostalgic Warehouse because we felt the style flowed nicely with out 3/4 glass door.



Saving the best for last of course—the finish! There are a million different combinations you can choose from in terms of your font door color, style, in combination with these door hardware elements. But what I think is so special about this last detail is that it gives you the opportunity to put your own personal design touch on your home! Finish choices are so personal, seriously. I know a ton of people that are night and day in terms of finishes. For us, we prefer brass over everything, so you wont see any chrome or bronze basically anywhere in our home. But I know there are others that are completely opposite! So for this one, I recommend sticking to your gut and choose something you love. Nostalgic Warehouse offers 5 different finish options which is just enough to help determine what you like without feeling too overwhelmed to make a decision.


Our final decision? We chose the New York C-grip in Antique Brass based on the vintage, classic look we were hoping to achieve. We added in our favorite plants to the front door area and I swear this space couldn’t feel any more like US!


This post was sponsored by Nostalgic Warehouse, however all opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: Since the initial brand partnership, Shawn and I have purchased all interior door hardware, switch covers and outlet covers on our own. We truly love the product and are so happy to work with such an amazing company!