first floor plans

Second time around I want to be more intentional about my posts. In the past I would just share a quick update, snap some photos. But now I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and think about how exactly I want to share our renovation. I definitely want to go in depth a little more, share our thought process, future plans, etc, etc, etc. :) 

A lot has changed since the first attempt at renovating our home. So I’m going to share our plans and talk through changes throughout the blog. I will try my best to make these short and sweet!

Details in the living room—nothing too crazy but we’re filling in these small windows! Tell me that we were doing that a year ago and I would have called you crazy! I am obsessed with natural light but the size of these windows and their placement really bother Shawn and I. I don’t know why, they just do! So we’re filling them in.

The office has some big-ish changes that I’m actually super excited about! We originally wanted all glass sliding barn doors that met at the corner of the room, like this.

That was one of my favorite details that we wanted to invest in on our house. But turns out, there was no possible way we could do them, our old builder was just saying we could do it, even though he knew we couldn’t.. LOL. It’s one of those really funny, yet not funny at all situations.

Anywho, instead we will have a tempered glass wall and a glass door that leads into the office,  still unique and I’m super excited about it!

The last major update for the first floor (and the rest of the house) is that we will be changing our windows from Andersen 100 Series to Pella Impervia. This might sound a little odd because we have 4 Andersen windows and a slider but we know changing to the Pella windows will be actually less of a hassle than it would be to get all of the Andersen ones. Here’s why—

From the get-go Shawn and I really really wanted the Pella Impervia series in all black. Our old builder told us he doesn’t have a Pella contact and that he doesn’t like Pella which is essentially why he didn’t want to order them. Then randomly one day he told us he ordered the all black Andersen windows (all black was a separate war we had to battle with him). He never let us pick out grids, never went over the sizes, nothing. So when they came in they installed 4 of them (there’s like 20+ windows in our house lol), then they broke one and left the slider in the box.. The window installation was SO BAD on the windows they installed. The size of the windows are huge and the Andersen windows ended up being so wobbly.

We backtracked and found out where the old builder ordered the windows from and it turns out there were a few windows missing in the order and we knew that at least one window was ordered incorrectly. Since there was no guarantee that this order was correct, we didn’t want to take any chances, especially because majority of the things the old builder did was wrong. So we decided to change to our preferred window instead. We’re going to try to sell the slider on craigslist since its new in box. :)

So now we will have the windows we always wanted!!!

Anywho, super excited to share more with you guys! I hope you enjoy this update!