framing updates

It has taken what seems like forever to get to this point but it has been so so worth the wait!


We’re like 90% fully framed out on this level. The stairs are being re-built this week and the last wall to be furred out is the wall with the fireplace. This glass wall is going to be so awesome! We’re thinking of framing it with some traditional trim to make it look like a giant window.. since it is haha! That way it won’t look too modern. It should flow with our style!

The door leading into the office is going to be glass and then that doorway right next to it is the door leading to the bathroom. When we first decided to knock down the giant wall, we got comments that it would be weird seeing the bathroom when you first walk in, but I think it’s going to be great! We’re debating on wallpapering this bathroom, that could make the view even more desirable. Another thing that I like about this bathroom is that you won’t see the toilet or sink at all when you look in. It’ll just be an open wall 😊 We’re thinking we can put a little linen cabinet there!

This is the staircase that will be rebuilt next week. In it’s current state, it doesn’t pass city code so that’s why we have to rebuild it! We’re thinking that we’re going to stain the wood to match, not 100% sure yet though! I’m just super excited to see the new stairs!!


We’re super excited about all of the bedrooms having peaks with exposed collar ties. It makes the each room seem sooo much bigger!

We’re utilizing all of the dead space in the entire house, isn’t that crazy!? Not a single foot wasted 😬😬 gutting the house ourselves really helped us with this. We were able to see so many opportunities once the house was opened up!


It’s so funny, I VIVIDLY remember telling Shawn that this would not be our master bedroom. And that the room with the skylights would be. The second floor wasn’t anything special, and we were totally fine with that! But when we opened the place up, we realized there was a lot of dead space on both sides of this room, so we decided to use it!!

I hope you guys love the progress as much as I do! I must say it took be a few days to write this post and having to come in and edit and continually see the new photos made me realize how amazing this whole situation truly has been.

What amazes me the most is something I realized about Shawn and I. Even though these plans are going to be beautiful, especially the second floor, they were never the original plan. We were completely content with the rooms being how they originally were, just with new drywall and cleaned up obviously. We were just so happy to be moving in to this house that we never thought of adding on to the bedrooms like we are now. When the house was completely torn apart and WE had to do the work, we didn’t curse at the wind. We actually did the opposite and just continued to pray for blessings on our new house and our future there.

It took a lot of seriously hard labor and time to gut the house, take out thousands of nails, all electrical, HVAC, and plumbing, and this is what I feel has had the most impact on us, especially right now. Shawn was talking to me from another room this weekend about how he remembers us working all day and night like it was yesterday. I could literally hear the smile on his face. I know the peaks are so exciting but I must say the process of getting to THIS point has been the most amazing and the best growing experience I have had so far.