Full House Update!


It’s been pretty awesome to see our house progress over these last few months. Inspections passed yesterday and soon we will have heat in the house! Crazy right?!

Everything is wired, both HVAC and plumbing are ready to go and they just started insulation. On our end, you’ve probably seen on my IG that we have all of the actual lighting fixtures, 75% of the appliances, and kitchen hardware! I can’t wait to have our light fixtures installed but I know that’s a little further down the road. :)

We’re so happy that we were able to tuck in all of the HVAC. Before we started this second round of renovating, the old builder had a huge vent running across the living room and dining room. I’m so happy that’s gone!

And check out that heater!!!! Ahhg! It’s so cute haha. ALSO, We first were thinking that we wanted to paint all of the ductwork in the basement but when our builder suggested not to we were like hmmmm okay lets see what it looks like without. WE LOVE IT! We really like the industrial look it has and I think the wires look cool exposed too!

We picked our cabinet color and quartz! We went with this sagey bluish color. I love the way the brass pops and how the pendant lighting looks with it! The colors were a huge debate but in all honestly, Shawn and I loved both colors. Oddly enough if you stand back, it’s really hard to see the difference between the two colors IRL.

Let me know what you think of our updates to far!!



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