Modern Country Office Reveal with Crate and Barrel


I feel like this office is a revelation of my design style. Up until now, I couldn’t pinpoint exact elements to help explain my way of decorating and designing my home to you guys. I’m so grateful for this room refresh that I partnered with Crate and Barrel on for pushing me to really think about my design aesthetic, my process, and how I create a cohesive space! I love that Crate and Barrel prioritizes style, quality, sustainability, speed, and choice, all characteristics I value when searching for new furniture and decor to feature in my home!


Before starting any project, I like to get a better feel for the space by spending time in it—measuring the square footage as well as the width and height of the walls. This initial step does take a little bit longer than it would if you were to just jump in, but it allows you to give yourself some time to think and figure out what size furniture and decor will actually fit in the space. Once you’re ready, Crate and Barrel caters to speed, as most furniture options can deliver in under two weeks! When you’re out furniture shopping in stores or online, always remember that the furniture will look a lot smaller in the showroom than it will in your home, since it’s a wide open space! I always have a tape measure with me to help narrow down my options.


Once you have an idea of what items you’re looking to use for your space, create your mood board (I like to use Photoshop) and bring out the painters tape! These two things are my go-to’s and I’ve been doing this process for years. Mood boards help confirm that your decor and furniture selections flow together, and painters tape is the final confirmation that your furniture will fit. I like to tape out the general shape of each piece of furniture, I even make fake shelves out of tape to get an idea of where I’d like to hang them. By doing this and setting time aside to measure, I rarely ever have any issues with delivery, decorating, or fitting furniture in any room I’ve designed. Each Crate and Barrel piece I chose fit perfectly in the room, don’t you think?


For the design, I really wanted to emphasize my modern aesthetic while incorporating rustic and country elements throughout the office. The larger furniture pieces—Monroe Desk, Clancy Chair, and Freda Cabinet—are definitely geared toward my modern taste, while my decor choices are more rustic. My country ‘touch’ was this oversized Halton Oval Rattan Basket that I fell in love with during the beginning phase of designing.


Some of my favorite decor items are these Sandstone Birds and Petrified Wood Sculptures. I love styling the Sandstone Birds in groups of 3. They are so cute and add an organic, sophisticated touch. The Petrified Sculptures add that antique element that I love to incorporate throughout my home. Petrified wood ages over thousands of years—now that’s my kind of antique. 😉For styling purposes, I recommend choosing a variety of decor items in the same tone, this will help keep the look cohesive. I did a minimal approach to my shelf styling here. The best way to make minimal shelves look full is to use objects of varying heights!


Let’s talk about statements. I always love to have one statement piece in the room. This Freda cabinet literally steals the show the moment you lay eyes on the office. The entire cabinet is wrapped in warm antique brass—so captivating! You guys know how much I love brass, I always try to tie some type of brass element in each room so that the whole house ties together. When I saw the Freda Cabinet I knew this was THE. ONE. I absolutely love the delicate nailheads and miter detailing as well. It’s such a beautiful piece!


If you’re thinking of incorporating art in your space, go BIG. I knew I wanted to fill this wall as there isn’t enough depth to the room to add another piece of furniture. I chose 9 of the Haze III Panels because although it’s technically the same art, they are hand painted so each is unique! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to create a gallery wall and I’m so excited about how this turned out! I constructed this by cutting out 9 individual squares using craft paper and taping them to the wall to determine the spacing I’d like. Then my father-in-law helped me hang them in place. He’s AMAZING!


Lastly, the most important thing about designing a room is that you choose pieces you love—whether that be a statement furniture piece, or sentimental decor. It’s YOUR home. If you aren’t comfortable in your space, you won’t end up loving it and are more likely to change it up more frequently. Take your time, plan out the space, and work on incorporating things you love in it. This way you’ll love the space for years to come!