Our Renovation, While we Were on Vacation 😆


Last week, Shawn and I enjoyed a nice trip with our family in Fort Lauderdale. It was refreshing, so refreshing that my screen time was down 36% (I’m so proud). We were SO excited to come back to some amazing updates at the new house! I have been trying to keep it a surprise for you guys and it’s been SO hard haha 😆. 


YES! THE KITCHEN CABINETS ARE HERE!!!! How amazing are they!? There are a lot more details left in the kitchen but the cabinets are so beautiful they deserve the spot light for a little bit. The color is so amazing. We are both so happy we chose sage over olive. Seeing the cabinets in their environment made us both realize the olive shade would have been too dark!


The drawer fronts were delivered incorrectly, they are supposed to be flat slabs so we can put cup pulls in the center. So we will he updating those before we install our hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse 😍. 


A few details I wanted to share about our cabinets that Shawn and I both feel really elevated the look. We added shoe molding around the base cabinets which is not as common as we thought it was. The trim matches the island and I think it makes the space feel super elevated and elegant! We also added wainscoting panels to both sides of the kitchen island. Since the kitchen is a huge focal point in our house we really spent a lot of time on all the details of the cabinets as well as the layout. And I think it shows! Another thing, we have our trash can built in, that was a MUST for us, our trash can right now is pretty gross lol. I think that’s pretty common in new homes but this was like a dream for us haha.


On to the next exciting update, the fireplace is all framed and drywalled! This was my design from sketch to finish so I am super proud of it!! It’s going to be painted white. We figured if we want to add texture to it, it’d be best to do it once we move in and get comfortable in our new home.


This is just a decorative fireplace, not functional. I personally have a little bit of fire paranoia, probably due to the fact we have 7 animals. Fireplaces just trigger worry for me and I really don’t know why! Moral of the story, I really really really did not want a working fireplace lol. The fireplace at our current house is not functional either! P.S. I know fireplaces aren’t the only cause of house fires but for some reason they worry me. We all have our ‘things’ 😬😬😬


Okay last but certainly not least, TRIM!!! All of the trim throughout the house has been installed. I actually picked the final trim layout over the phone with my builder while on vacation lol. We originally had a mock up that I thought was way too flat, then were going to go with a 4 piece design that I mocked up.. but then our builder sent us a new design (the final one) and we loved it!!


I love how simple it is. It doesn’t take away from all of the other pretty details going on in the house. I wanted the window headers slightly shorter than the door headers, since the windows are so big I wanted the focus to be on them, rather than the trim!

So what do you think!? I hope some of these details I’ve shared help you in your home for those going through the design process for any project!! Every detail matters 😊