The Bathroom Plans—Present and Future 🤗


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If it doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. JUST WAIT.

That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it! It took me a while to post this bathroom blog for a couple of reasons. First, we signed off on the master bathroom very late in the game, when the renovation was in full swing and we were super busy. Second, I was going back and forth with our plans for the powder room and I didn’t want to blog about them until I made the final decision.

The master bathroom was honestly very tricky to design, trickier than me figuring out the kitchen cabinet dimensions (I nearly pulled an all nighter trying to figure out ways to cut out cost in the cabinets LOL). This is mainly because Shawn and I have very expensive taste. I know that, Shawn knows it, everyone in our family knows it... which is fine for things we can wheel and deal.. but you honestly can’t do that with a bathroom. I mean you can, but in a very small way. A lot of things we LOVED we just couldn’t do because of the price. Plain and simple! No frowning over here though! Not being able to afford everything made us get REALLY creative with the master bathroom and I couldn’t be any happier with the plans!

the powder room


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I had some really awesome plans to wallpaper the powder room with this cute bug wallpaper, but it just didn’t work out in our timeline. I also want to move in and get a feel for the bathroom before filling it with wallpaper, just in case my opinion changes. We decided that’s it’s probably best for us to wait since I couldn’t fully make up my mind. It will also give us something to move on when we move in. :)

We went super simple in here and chose a pedestal sink since its just a half bath. We added this gorgeous gold mirror as the statement piece for the room, I can’t wait to hang it!! For now it’s just sitting next to the toilet haha.


the master bathroom

we originally wanted to go for more of a Moroccan vibe but we literally almost immediately cut out the tile from the plans because we realized it was so expensive. We fell in love with clé tile’s zellige tile but the cost was too high for what we wanted to do—a full tile shower from floor to ceiling and a full tile bench. We found a long skinny tile that had a pretty brick-like texture and it fit in our budget… YAY! Here’s a peak at where we’re at now with the tile 🤗


The bathroom floor was a whole other story. We didn’t want to do anything fancy but somehow everything was too expensive. Our builder only recommended one showroom for the shower waterproofing and we kind of had our backs to a wall in terms of what this showroom had to offer. The person who is tiling our bathroom is amazing, so I’m not complaining about the workers themselves, but if you have the ability to work outside of a showroom, I recommend doing so. One of the only ‘stressers’ in the renovation was honestly all of the back and forth we had to do with the showroom. You don’t see prices, so it’s basically a guessing game. We were told we could only pick from one section of tile but we ended up picking a tile that was out of our section and was still affordable.. so there was a disconnect there which made me wonder if we could actually have picked other options that originally liked, but eliminated them because they weren’t the specific selection.


Vanities were also tricky for us because we just didn’t like any bathroom vanities we saw lol. They look gorgeous in other peoples homes but a lot of them just didn’t feel like they were us. I proposed converting this buffet into a vanity to Shawn and he loved it! The fixtures and hardware are all brass, which might be a little bit over the top LOL but we love it. The entire bathroom is all white so I don’t think it’s too over powering. I really love our wall faucets and shower head. I love the way the tile and vanity look together. They both give off a vintage inspired vibe which mixes nice with the clean, modernized bathroom fixtures!


So what do you guys think?! A fun little pop up blog for you guys haha. I can’t wait to share more about the bathrooms over the next week!