Christmas Decor Tour!

This time last year I’m not going to lie our Christmas decor was not all there. With my 4.5 hour commute to work every day, I really didn’t have time to do anything! Even though I’m still busy at my new job, planning for the new house, playing with 7 animals, spending time with my family, I somehow found some time to decorate this year!

First I’d love to start with our mantel. One Friday night I literally was like “screw it, I’m going all out this year” and I did! I went to Pat Catan’s and Target and bought a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff, I planned to return whatever I didn’t use. Which I actually recommend to anyone who is planning on going big on decor for any season! Buy what you think you might want to use and plan on returning it! I had so much to work with and it made the house turn out that much prettier! Anywho, when I got to Pat Catan’s I found out all Christmas decor was 50% off! Score! I bought two big garlands for the base and literally like 30 extra pieces of faux pine branches and one massive fern to cut up. Sadly, I didn’t take ANY pictures of the process. Mainly because I was just doing it for fun and had no idea how it would turn out. Now, so many people have loved it and messaged me asking how to make it that I’m trying to figure out how to recreate it for a DIY blog post! It also was shared on West Elm’s IG so I was pretty darn excited about that!

Oh and I also wanted to note, I had two different ideas for the mantle, so I bought double the material and returned what I didn’t use. Let me just tell you I returned over $140 worth of fake fruit the next day… That mantel idea was really pricey so I’m happy I didn’t go with it.

On to the next part of the tour… the tree! This year the only thing i purchased for this frosted beauty was the red and silver bulbs from Target—I think they were like $6! I didn’t realize how well all of the ornaments tied together until I added the bulbs. Isn’t it cool how its been over 6 years of collecting ornaments and they somehow all work together?!

Our tree collar is from Target, and I juuuuust realized this was another thing I purchased for the tree. Normally we do a tree skirt but Shawn stumbled into this beauty and we wanted to give it a try!

Moving on!

Recently, we decided to move to bedroom back upstairs. Naturally, I thought this would be a great room for me to wrap gifts this season!

It’s always hard for me to wrap gifts because the animals are always all up in my face and wrinkling the paper or eating it, so this year I have a designated room for it! It’s the room with our cactus shelves so I have an inspiring view while wrapping. ;)

To the bedroom! Sadly, it’s officially Ohio winter which means I will rarely be home before the sun sets, so we all will have to settle with non-natural light pictures for this part of the tour.

The big faux fur throw from Arhaus is definitely the icing on the cake or the cherry on top or whatever you want to call it. It is sooooo big and comfortable, I love it so much! I also bought a few of these for family gifts this year because they are just that amazing!

Our nightstand details are simple and clean, nothing too crazy! I am obsessed with all glass frames right now. I styled Shawn’s nightstand first and then I was like waitttt what about mine! But our Terra candle fit in perfectly on my nightstand :). And of course I had to add some twinkle lights :).

Also, I wanted to give a special thank you to Logan for being my model throughout the house! She honestly just loves the twinkle lights haha!

ALWAYS REMEMBER, Instagram VS reality is a real thing..Just because our home may look perfect to some on my little squares, does not mean it is! Here’s a behind the scenes photo of my shoots. I’m always curled in an awkward position trying to get some terrible angle. Lately I’ve been obsessing over putting twinkle lights in the foreground. But this is it! Not glamorous by any means but I love it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!