Rewinding in IOP/CHS

One thing I don’t really mention on social media is that Shawn and I are busy bees.. and i’m not just talking about working! If we aren’t at work we’re honestly either working on house stuff or playing with our animals.. we don’t really “rest”..

But when we’re on vacation.. we vacation hard! We totally relax. We’re very hard to reach if you’re trying to get ahold of us.. its basically like we’re non existent for a week and we totally regroup! We haven’t had a relaxing vacation like this in over a year and it was very much needed! Over the last year we started our renovation project for our new house, got 2 new animals, I switched jobs and Shawn got another promotion.. not to mention all of the other things that go on in-between!

We don’t have pictures for some of my favorite memories of our trip because like i said.. we rarely had our phones and I didn’t bring my camera around either! I took pictures for maybe a total of 45 minutes for the entire week so what I’m sharing is really just a couple of pretty sights we got to see! During our trip we saw wild dolphins multiple times, went seashell hunting, got yummy food, explored Charleston and Isle of Palms, spent time with our family, swam in ocean waves that were taller than us and so much more! I feel so refreshed it’s unreal!

My favorite city that I’ve ever been to is Charleston. I really enjoy going there just to appreciate the city and the buildings. It's the prettiest city to me!

We ended up only going to Charleston for one night and one day, just to explore. We planned on going more but we decided that we wanted to relax more on the beach.

My favorite places to see in charleston are rainbow row, waterfront park & king street. We stopped at Beech and Millers for food and snacks (highly recommend both!). We also had a chance to meet BJ of haegur and I got a lovely silver pothos!

how do you prefer to unwind? leave a comment below!