cleaning raw denim with Shawn

If you know Shawn you know that 1. he dresses really well (way better than me) and 2. he's in love with denim. You literally will not see him in anything else unless he's in workout clothes.. 

More importantly. Shawn loves raw denim, and he is very particular about it. This is denim that hasn't been treated with any type of washes or distressing. You wear them in and create the fades by daily activity/wallets/cell phones etc., it's a work of art! Shawn's favorite denim brand is Rogue Territory (RGT). He loves them because the fit is perfect, they are amazing quality AND are made in the US. He doesn't have any other brand of denim in his closet other than RGT. 

Raw denim doesn't have the same care label as the "regular" clothes majority of us are used to..  You actually aren't supposed to wash them at all. Try—once or twice a year! When you do decide to wash them, you soak them in cold water and a tiny bit of detergent (we used about 1/2 of a tide pod for 12 pieces). Let them soak for about 30 minutes, then hang them to dry outside. 

It's a fun activity that we have to do—definitely not your typical laundry day. But it's a great excuse for us to sit in the back yard and spend some time together! Shawn has 8 pairs of RGT denim, and tons of shirts and jackets from the brand. They are totally a brand worth investing in. The pieces are made to last forever. 

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