the bathroom plans—present and future 🤗


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If it doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. JUST WAIT.

That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it! It took me a while to post this bathroom blog for a couple of reasons. First, we signed off on the master bathroom very late in the game, when the renovation was in full swing and we were super busy. Second, I was going back and forth with our plans for the powder room and I didn’t want to blog about them until I made the final decision.

The master bathroom was honestly very tricky to design, trickier than me figuring out the kitchen cabinet dimensions (I nearly pulled an all nighter trying to figure out ways to cut out cost in the cabinets LOL). This is mainly because Shawn and I have very expensive taste. I know that, Shawn knows it, everyone in our family knows it... which is fine for things we can wheel and deal.. but you honestly can’t do that with a bathroom. I mean you can, but in a very small way. A lot of things we LOVED we just couldn’t do because of the price. Plain and simple! No frowning over here though! Not being able to afford everything made us get REALLY creative with the master bathroom and I couldn’t be any happier with the plans!

the powder room


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I had some really awesome plans to wallpaper the powder room with this cute bug wallpaper, but it just didn’t work out in our timeline. I also want to move in and get a feel for the bathroom before filling it with wallpaper, just in case my opinion changes. We decided that’s it’s probably best for us to wait since I couldn’t fully make up my mind. It will also give us something to move on when we move in. :)

We went super simple in here and chose a pedestal sink since its just a half bath. We added this gorgeous gold mirror as the statement piece for the room, I can’t wait to hang it!! For now it’s just sitting next to the toilet haha.


the master bathroom

we originally wanted to go for more of a Moroccan vibe but we literally almost immediately cut out the tile from the plans because we realized it was so expensive. We fell in love with clé tile’s zellige tile but the cost was too high for what we wanted to do—a full tile shower from floor to ceiling and a full tile bench. We found a long skinny tile that had a pretty brick-like texture and it fit in our budget… YAY! Here’s a peak at where we’re at now with the tile 🤗


The bathroom floor was a whole other story. We didn’t want to do anything fancy but somehow everything was too expensive. Our builder only recommended one showroom for the shower waterproofing and we kind of had our backs to a wall in terms of what this showroom had to offer. The person who is tiling our bathroom is amazing, so I’m not complaining about the workers themselves, but if you have the ability to work outside of a showroom, I recommend doing so. One of the only ‘stressers’ in the renovation was honestly all of the back and forth we had to do with the showroom. You don’t see prices, so it’s basically a guessing game. We were told we could only pick from one section of tile but we ended up picking a tile that was out of our section and was still affordable.. so there was a disconnect there which made me wonder if we could actually have picked other options that originally liked, but eliminated them because they weren’t the specific selection.


Vanities were also tricky for us because we just didn’t like any bathroom vanities we saw lol. They look gorgeous in other peoples homes but a lot of them just didn’t feel like they were us. I proposed converting this buffet into a vanity to Shawn and he loved it! The fixtures and hardware are all brass, which might be a little bit over the top LOL but we love it. The entire bathroom is all white so I don’t think it’s too over powering. I really love our wall faucets and shower head. I love the way the tile and vanity look together. They both give off a vintage inspired vibe which mixes nice with the clean, modernized bathroom fixtures!


So what do you guys think?! A fun little pop up blog for you guys haha. I can’t wait to share more about the bathrooms over the next week!

our renovation, while we were on vacation 😆


Last week, Shawn and I enjoyed a nice trip with our family in Fort Lauderdale. It was refreshing, so refreshing that my screen time was down 36% (I’m so proud). We were SO excited to come back to some amazing updates at the new house! I have been trying to keep it a surprise for you guys and it’s been SO hard haha 😆. 


YES! THE KITCHEN CABINETS ARE HERE!!!! How amazing are they!? There are a lot more details left in the kitchen but the cabinets are so beautiful they deserve the spot light for a little bit. The color is so amazing. We are both so happy we chose sage over olive. Seeing the cabinets in their environment made us both realize the olive shade would have been too dark!


The drawer fronts were delivered incorrectly, they are supposed to be flat slabs so we can put cup pulls in the center. So we will he updating those before we install our hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse 😍. 


A few details I wanted to share about our cabinets that Shawn and I both feel really elevated the look. We added shoe molding around the base cabinets which is not as common as we thought it was. The trim matches the island and I think it makes the space feel super elevated and elegant! We also added wainscoting panels to both sides of the kitchen island. Since the kitchen is a huge focal point in our house we really spent a lot of time on all the details of the cabinets as well as the layout. And I think it shows! Another thing, we have our trash can built in, that was a MUST for us, our trash can right now is pretty gross lol. I think that’s pretty common in new homes but this was like a dream for us haha.


On to the next exciting update, the fireplace is all framed and drywalled! This was my design from sketch to finish so I am super proud of it!! It’s going to be painted white. We figured if we want to add texture to it, it’d be best to do it once we move in and get comfortable in our new home.


This is just a decorative fireplace, not functional. I personally have a little bit of fire paranoia, probably due to the fact we have 7 animals. Fireplaces just trigger worry for me and I really don’t know why! Moral of the story, I really really really did not want a working fireplace lol. The fireplace at our current house is not functional either! P.S. I know fireplaces aren’t the only cause of house fires but for some reason they worry me. We all have our ‘things’ 😬😬😬


Okay last but certainly not least, TRIM!!! All of the trim throughout the house has been installed. I actually picked the final trim layout over the phone with my builder while on vacation lol. We originally had a mock up that I thought was way too flat, then were going to go with a 4 piece design that I mocked up.. but then our builder sent us a new design (the final one) and we loved it!!


I love how simple it is. It doesn’t take away from all of the other pretty details going on in the house. I wanted the window headers slightly shorter than the door headers, since the windows are so big I wanted the focus to be on them, rather than the trim!

So what do you think!? I hope some of these details I’ve shared help you in your home for those going through the design process for any project!! Every detail matters 😊 

So much drywall 😍


I can’t believe I’m writing this post right now! It’s been 1.5 years since the house was last seen with drywall, and before it looked nothing like this! It is so exciting to see how light and bright everything is!

1st floor


We still aren’t sure if we want to wrap the post thats in front of the fireplace, right now it’s just covered in drywall and it doesn’t bother us but we will see once the house is painted!


We’re still working on the new fireplace design but we’re 95% sure of what we want :). Once everything is finalized I’ll definitely be sharing updates! We love our current fireplace so we want this new one to be just as special!


For now you can see we have our two wires ready for their sconces, this is where we’ll put art when we move 😊


Shawn and I are both super excited for the office. We already picked out our furniture for the more part! We’re still working through the details on the glass portion of the wall. We need to figure out trim for the outer edges.

2nd floor

The peaks are still looking gorgeous!! We were planning on doing wood paneling on all of the peaks but it’s not in our budget. So we’re going to have to do it as an update down the road!


The master bathroom is the brightest of the rooms. Look at all of the windows! I’m definitely going to add some tropical plants in here. They’ll thrive with the humidity from the shower.


I love how the brick chimney peaks through the doorway in the bathroom.

So thats all I have for now! Just a quick update to show you guys where we’re at. Next up is windows and flooring. Next month will be cabinets. Let me know what you think below!

full house update!


It’s been pretty awesome to see our house progress over these last few months. Inspections passed yesterday and soon we will have heat in the house! Crazy right?!

Everything is wired, both HVAC and plumbing are ready to go and they just started insulation. On our end, you’ve probably seen on my IG that we have all of the actual lighting fixtures, 75% of the appliances, and kitchen hardware! I can’t wait to have our light fixtures installed but I know that’s a little further down the road. :)

We’re so happy that we were able to tuck in all of the HVAC. Before we started this second round of renovating, the old builder had a huge vent running across the living room and dining room. I’m so happy that’s gone!

And check out that heater!!!! Ahhg! It’s so cute haha. ALSO, We first were thinking that we wanted to paint all of the ductwork in the basement but when our builder suggested not to we were like hmmmm okay lets see what it looks like without. WE LOVE IT! We really like the industrial look it has and I think the wires look cool exposed too!

We picked our cabinet color and quartz! We went with this sagey bluish color. I love the way the brass pops and how the pendant lighting looks with it! The colors were a huge debate but in all honestly, Shawn and I loved both colors. Oddly enough if you stand back, it’s really hard to see the difference between the two colors IRL.

Let me know what you think of our updates to far!!



designing our kitchen: all about the cabinets

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

devol kitchens

I’ve spent a lot of time researching for our forever home, and by that I don’t juuuuusst mean going to Pinterest and looking at images. Although that is a part of it, there is so much more than just looking at pretty pictures when remodeling a home. Because for us, the reality of this whole project is, whatever we pick now, we’re essentially stuck with for at least 10+ years until its time for updates.. kind of scary for a couple that loves to work on new projects all the time haha! Anyways, I figured it would be nice to share what I’m learning as we go through this whole process, just in case you find it helpful!

why do I want to share an entire blog post about cabinets?

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

studio mcgee

Because that’s obviously all I feel like talking about right now! Haha just kidding. This took some time for me to learn and I am so excited to share this information with you guys with visuals so you can see the difference!

If you didn’t know this already, kitchen cabinets are typically the most expensive element of a kitchen remodel. Which means they are a HUGE investment piece, and something worth spending time on before making a final decision! Knowing this myself, I wanted to make sure the decisions we made were based on what Shawn and I absolutely love, and what fit into our budget of course! I didn’t want our cabinet or kitchen design to be solely based on what our cabinet company was suggesting. I’m not saying these suggestions are bad, their suggestions great! I appreciate the professional advice we’ve gotten over the last few months. I’m just saying it’s good to know what you want out of your kitchen, because at the end of the day you’re the only one that has to use it

types of cabinet door styles

forthehome cabinet door styles

devol kitchens

From what I’ve learned, there are three different types of door styles to choose from. Choosing which door style we wanted was the most essential part of our kitchen design. 

Partial Overlay

This type of cabinet shows more of the cabinet face frame, about 1-2”. You can see in the image below how you can see parts of the frame. This option is typically the most cost-effective which will leave more opportunities for custom color, hardware, cabinet accessories, etc.

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

studio mcgee

Full Overlay

Full overlay cabinetry is basically what it sounds like! The cabinet drawers and doors almost completely cover the cabinet face frame. This has a cleaner/more seamless look. I feel like I’ve seen this in a lot of higher-end and contemporary kitchen remodels, I just never knew they were a specific door style! These are typically more expensive than partial overlay doors because they use more material.

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

rudy winston design


Inset cabinets sit inside of the cabinet and lay flush with the cabinet face frames. These are trickier to install and require different hardware than the other two cabinets listed above. Inset cabinetry is typically more expensive than both overlay styles. I also learned from having conversation with our cabinet company that if you do not have good humidity control in your house, the wood could end up swelling, making the cabinet face unable to sit inside the cabinet! So if you don’t like to put your AC on in the summer… I wouldn’t get this type of cabinet haha!

forthehome kitchen cabinet styles

emily hendersen

door panel styles

There are so many types of panel styles. I don’t want to overload you guys with pictures (except this one hehe)

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles
forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

916 reface

BUT I learned a lot about door styles here, here and here if you want more details!

custom cabinet color VS stock cabinet color

This is another factor that will effect your cost and I feel like this is more relevant now more than ever. Most of the gorgeous kitchens we all see on social more than likely have custom cabinet color. Just a heads up 😉

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

the english room

Custom door color is obviously going to be more expensive than stock color. But some cabinet lines might have some great stock colors to choose from, so always remember to keep your options open! They might not have pink, but they should still have some interesting colors!

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

coco lapine design

word of advice: It’s good to determine up front if either color or door style is an important factor of your cabinets and your kitchen design. This will help you narrow your options which will help you get that much closer to your final decision!

What we decided

For us, we learned that inset cabinets were the desired visual and although we knew they are more pricey, we felt they were worth the investment since we love the look and don’t plan on changing cabinets for at least a decade. We also have good climate control so I’m not worried about any swelling or anything like that.

forthehome kitchen cabinet door styles

devol kitchens

We originally thought custom color was more important, and if it was we would have went with the full overlay cabinet. Once we decided inset was the most important element, we checked out their stock colors to learn that they actually had quite a few colors we liked, even an olive! 

I hope this helped you guys even if a little! I never knew I was in love with inset cabinets until I realized what they were, then I quickly learned that the kitchens I loved the most had inset cabinets in them! We both love the look and are super excited to use them every day in our forever home!

Let me know what you guys think of this post in the comments! I hope to do more blogs like this to help inform you guys so your feedback is much appreciated!!

our new staircases are in! (& why we had to rebuild them in the first place)

When we first started renovating, we knew a lot of things needed to be updated. The stairs were one of those things.. but we honestly didn’t know why. We kind of just assumed they would need to be re-built. 

Turns out neither of our staircases met city code, and in order to meet code, both needed to be re-built. The basement stairs needed to be pushed back about 2ft into what was the old hallway, just so that it could meet the correct clearance height! Shawn and I aren’t tall (I’m 5’5” and Shawn is 5’9”) so we would have never noticed. But tall people like my dad and Shawn’s dad (6’+) had to duck just to walk up and down the stairs haha. Not the most convenient for our guests 😬.

We’ll be adding railings to the staircases of course. We’re thinking of doing something similar to this!


If that doesn’t work out we’re thinking maybe going for a painted wood railing, like this!


We‘re thinking of staining the stairs to match the rest of the hardwoods in the house. When we move in, We’d love to add a runner down the main staircase (more to come on that). For those wondering about wood staircases in general, we have them now and love them! Hardwood is a lot easier than carpet for us because of the animals. Something less permanent, like a runner, might be our answer to a cozier staircase. 😊



framing updates

It has taken what seems like forever to get to this point but it has been so so worth the wait!


We’re like 90% fully framed out on this level. The stairs are being re-built this week and the last wall to be furred out is the wall with the fireplace. This glass wall is going to be so awesome! We’re thinking of framing it with some traditional trim to make it look like a giant window.. since it is haha! That way it won’t look too modern. It should flow with our style!

The door leading into the office is going to be glass and then that doorway right next to it is the door leading to the bathroom. When we first decided to knock down the giant wall, we got comments that it would be weird seeing the bathroom when you first walk in, but I think it’s going to be great! We’re debating on wallpapering this bathroom, that could make the view even more desirable. Another thing that I like about this bathroom is that you won’t see the toilet or sink at all when you look in. It’ll just be an open wall 😊 We’re thinking we can put a little linen cabinet there!

This is the staircase that will be rebuilt next week. In it’s current state, it doesn’t pass city code so that’s why we have to rebuild it! We’re thinking that we’re going to stain the wood to match, not 100% sure yet though! I’m just super excited to see the new stairs!!


We’re super excited about all of the bedrooms having peaks with exposed collar ties. It makes the each room seem sooo much bigger!

We’re utilizing all of the dead space in the entire house, isn’t that crazy!? Not a single foot wasted 😬😬 gutting the house ourselves really helped us with this. We were able to see so many opportunities once the house was opened up!


It’s so funny, I VIVIDLY remember telling Shawn that this would not be our master bedroom. And that the room with the skylights would be. The second floor wasn’t anything special, and we were totally fine with that! But when we opened the place up, we realized there was a lot of dead space on both sides of this room, so we decided to use it!!

I hope you guys love the progress as much as I do! I must say it took be a few days to write this post and having to come in and edit and continually see the new photos made me realize how amazing this whole situation truly has been.

What amazes me the most is something I realized about Shawn and I. Even though these plans are going to be beautiful, especially the second floor, they were never the original plan. We were completely content with the rooms being how they originally were, just with new drywall and cleaned up obviously. We were just so happy to be moving in to this house that we never thought of adding on to the bedrooms like we are now. When the house was completely torn apart and WE had to do the work, we didn’t curse at the wind. We actually did the opposite and just continued to pray for blessings on our new house and our future there.

It took a lot of seriously hard labor and time to gut the house, take out thousands of nails, all electrical, HVAC, and plumbing, and this is what I feel has had the most impact on us, especially right now. Shawn was talking to me from another room this weekend about how he remembers us working all day and night like it was yesterday. I could literally hear the smile on his face. I know the peaks are so exciting but I must say the process of getting to THIS point has been the most amazing and the best growing experience I have had so far.



first floor plans

Second time around I want to be more intentional about my posts. In the past I would just share a quick update, snap some photos. But now I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and think about how exactly I want to share our renovation. I definitely want to go in depth a little more, share our thought process, future plans, etc, etc, etc. :) 

A lot has changed since the first attempt at renovating our home. So I’m going to share our plans and talk through changes throughout the blog. I will try my best to make these short and sweet!

Details in the living room—nothing too crazy but we’re filling in these small windows! Tell me that we were doing that a year ago and I would have called you crazy! I am obsessed with natural light but the size of these windows and their placement really bother Shawn and I. I don’t know why, they just do! So we’re filling them in.

The office has some big-ish changes that I’m actually super excited about! We originally wanted all glass sliding barn doors that met at the corner of the room, like this.

That was one of my favorite details that we wanted to invest in on our house. But turns out, there was no possible way we could do them, our old builder was just saying we could do it, even though he knew we couldn’t.. LOL. It’s one of those really funny, yet not funny at all situations.

Anywho, instead we will have a tempered glass wall and a glass door that leads into the office,  still unique and I’m super excited about it!

The last major update for the first floor (and the rest of the house) is that we will be changing our windows from Andersen 100 Series to Pella Impervia. This might sound a little odd because we have 4 Andersen windows and a slider but we know changing to the Pella windows will be actually less of a hassle than it would be to get all of the Andersen ones. Here’s why—

From the get-go Shawn and I really really wanted the Pella Impervia series in all black. Our old builder told us he doesn’t have a Pella contact and that he doesn’t like Pella which is essentially why he didn’t want to order them. Then randomly one day he told us he ordered the all black Andersen windows (all black was a separate war we had to battle with him). He never let us pick out grids, never went over the sizes, nothing. So when they came in they installed 4 of them (there’s like 20+ windows in our house lol), then they broke one and left the slider in the box.. The window installation was SO BAD on the windows they installed. The size of the windows are huge and the Andersen windows ended up being so wobbly.

We backtracked and found out where the old builder ordered the windows from and it turns out there were a few windows missing in the order and we knew that at least one window was ordered incorrectly. Since there was no guarantee that this order was correct, we didn’t want to take any chances, especially because majority of the things the old builder did was wrong. So we decided to change to our preferred window instead. We’re going to try to sell the slider on craigslist since its new in box. :)

So now we will have the windows we always wanted!!!

Anywho, super excited to share more with you guys! I hope you enjoy this update!



design inspiration


We have been working on the design for the new house for over a year now.. hard to believe, right? With more time, comes more ideas.. more planning.. more changing our minds.. and I am honestly so grateful for that! Shawn and I have our own personal ‘style’ that is definitely evolving. For a minute we were loving mid-century but it honestly just doesn’t seem right for the new house. We are basically living on a farm, so we gotta start acting like it! Just kidding. We’re not going farmhouse.. But we are going on more of a vintage-ish farmhouse-ish inspired route! I am soooo excited to share!

ready for some inspiration?

One piece of furniture that Shawn and I both absolutely love and want in the new house is a chesterfield style sofa. We plan to put one in our great room for sure.


Mixed with some natural elements, an area rug, and a vintage inspired media console. Very specific.. yes. I have been working on floor-plans until 2am many nights, ha!


Another one of the many exciting things for us in this new house is the simple fact that we will have a dining room! We have never had one before. In fact, we only have one ‘table top’ in our current house, our desk! We landed on our dining room table, the Francis table from Arhaus. It’s gorgeous, feels super vintage, and will definitely be a family heirloom so it’s worth the investment to us. My parents have given Shawn and I many Arhaus pieces that lasted over a decade for them and over 5 years for us! I love the idea of passing furniture down, especially since it’s made to last! I am also loving the idea of mixing dining chairs.


I’m so excited to hunt for unique finds at flea markets, Craigslist and Etsy to use as wall decor. I’m really interested in finding a couple of vintage chests/cabinets too. This is going to be a long process of decorating but I know it’s going to be so worth it!


So what do you guys think?! Are you as excited as I am?!? I can’t wait to start sharing more and more inspiration/renovation progress.

xx, Christine

forever home update

I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this new ‘first’ post about our forever home. It’s been a long time coming but I finally have some courage to write about it! Thanks for being patient for me. :)

First, I will say I really do believe that everything will work out even better than what we originally imagined. I know that whatever God has in store for our house is way bigger than what the old builder could ever accomplish. I mean, even after Shawn and I gutted the house ourselves, we saw so many more opportunities to make improvements based off our original plans.. so.… I think we’re off to a good start!

To be honest, I felt so upset when this whole thing fell apart.. for so many reasons! I felt so naive for sharing such horrible updates with you guys for an entire year. Majority of the things that the builder did was wrong and I literally had no idea. All electrical, HVAC, plumbing was completely wrong. Shawn and I ended up removing it all ourselves. The addition wasn’t attached to the house so we had to bring in an architect to help us figure out how we will tie it back to the main house. The basement was flooding constantly. By the time we fired the guy.. I had already stopped sharing updates for a few months because the house was a complete disaster. As more time passed and work wasn’t being finished we realized we were in the middle of a huge scam. We would follow up with the builder daily for months and there would be excuse after excuse as to why work wasn’t being done.

I was so sad to see the house so disrespected by these people after how much was invested in it. The inside and outside of the house was completely trashed… no joke. Luckily we were able to clean up majority of his mess ourselves, but the old builder definitely left his mark by priming the entire front of our house before his time on our project was up. So we have a humbling view whenever we visit the property. I can’t wait to paint the house next spring haha!

More importantly, this house isn’t just for Shawn and I, it’s for our entire family to enjoy! My dad owns the property that the house is on, it’s literally within walking distance of his house. My littlest sister said last year that the best Christmas gift she got was that Shawn and I were going to move closer…She was 7 years old at the time. By the time we move in she will probably be 9. So imagine how bummed it made me feel when she would ask when I was going to move closer so I can hangout more and I could never give her a real answer. Now we can at least tell her that we’re working on it and it’ll be done sooner than before. :)

All in all, I try so hard not to dwell on this experience since it’s really easy for me to go off on a tangent. And I don’t want to take away from how much of a BLESSING this house is. We just want to get our house finished so we can move. This place is a better home for our animals, for our future kids our current family. 

With all of this being said, I strongly encourage you to do thorough research on not only the company you’re working with, but the person you are trusting your home with. We learned our lesson the hard way but this time around I have spent so much time researching the people we’re working with by name, not just by company!

I am not proud of our circumstances by any means, but I hope you can learn from our mistakes! Once we are back up and running, I plan to do a post about the DO’s and DON’T’s from our experience. We’re not experts.. and I think that’s a good thing because most of us don’t have a background in renovation. So I really hope I can help educate you guys from this super unfortunate experience!

Thank you all for sticking around, and thank you for your kind words and prayers. It truly means a lot to me. 

Major updates coming soon!

Hugs, Christine