How to Choose + Care for Your Mums so They Last Through October


Shawn and I went to our local nursery yesterday to buy mums for an upcoming shoot and while we were picking our selection…the CRAZIEST thing happened…at least it was crazy to us. Haha! It was so crazy I had to stop the worker to ask why she was doing what she was doing. So while we were picking out flowers, an employee was grabbing TONS of mums and throwing them out in a little dumpster. Not just 1, or 2, or 3, or 4… we saw her throw away at least like 7 or 8 of one single color! It made us wonder.. how do we know if the mums we picked were considered garbage or not!? So I asked her why she was throwing the pretty mums away and she said “these ones are beginning to brown so I’m making room for the newer ones that will be coming in.” AHHHHHH. The browning was not noticeable to us AT ALL. Nothing alarming. Anyway…I said thank you and walked away…and… immediately started second guessing my selection. 😂🤣


We had picked a few mums that hadn’t bloomed yet, but I still wanted ones that were bloomed as well because um… let’s be honest… they are a lot prettier to look at straight away. But I didn’t want them to just die tomorrow or the next day! I wanted them to last. The lady ended up following us back to our cart and told us the entire run down on mums.. the information was SO HELPFUL that I IMMEDIATELY decided to write this blog for you guys!


early, Mid, and late bloomers

These are the three different types of blooms for mums. The ones you see in stores that are fully bloomed right now are early bloomers and those generally have about 3-4 weeks left in their season ATM. Mid bloomers would be about halfway bloomed at this point and you have about 5 weeks for those. Late bloomers are not bloomed at all yet so you’ll see blooms in a few weeks and they will last through October.


When you’re picking out your mums, select a few from all of these types so that you can have a variety of mums that last throughout fall! As you can see, I want my big mums to last a long time so I chose a few that had barely any blooms.

WATER your mums.. a loT

The nice lady at the nursery said a lot of mums are returned simply because they dry out. So make sure you water your babies at least 2 times a day to prevent this from happening to yours!


Trim + fertilizE for longevity

Take a peek under your mum’ll see there are still baby mums under there that have yet to bloom! Once the top layer begins to wilt, trim the heads off. This will allow the under layer to receive proper light and bloom. Use an all purpose fertilizer to encourage growth for this under layer and voila! You’ve just made your mums last even longer!


Mums are one of the most popular fall flower and their blooms are so beautiful! I hope this information helps you as much as it has helped me!

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