DIY Mounted Staghorn

This year, I had a gift exchange with my friend Lora, whom I met off Instagram a few months ago. We both shared how we loved giving and sharing with others so we were like... why not have an exchange!! We didn't give each other specifics on what we wanted. But we mentioned a few general things that we enjoyed. One of mine was obviously plants.. obviously..................


So Lora, being the beautiful genius that she is, sent me this awesome DIY Staghorn Kit from Horti, a small business focused on spreading the love of plants and sharing plant care with others. First of all.. let me just say.. this is an amazing idea for a gift. If you're not sure of what to get a plant lover.. this is the absolute perfect gift!! I was freaking out on Lora when I received her gift, I couldn't stop telling her how much of an amazing idea this was!! It's genius! Thanks again Lora!!! ;)

I used to be intimidated by mounted staghorns.. I always wanted to do one but thought it was super complicated. Little did I know that it was actually super quick, fun and also very satisfying since all you need to do is put a nail in the wall after you're done and it looks amazing! I'm all about making things from scratch if you're capable of doing so.. but I would honestly recommend buying a kit like this just because it's all set up and ready to go. Since I was taking pictures and washing my hands in-between it took a little longer but I don't think this project should take you anymore than 30-45 minutes including cleaning up and hanging :)

Let me get nerdy for one second before the tutorial:

I know that mounting staghorn ferns has become a DIY phenom over the past decade but it's nice to know that when you're mounting your staghorn, your actually doing good for your plant...


staghorns are Epiphytes. & in simple terms this means they grow off of plants & trees in their natural environment. Just like air plants! So it's no surprise that staghorns look so beautiful and elegant (& happy) when mounted to wood.



Staghorn kit from Horti

- Staghorn plant

- Wood plaque w/nails & hanger pre-attached

- Sheet moss

- Mounting twine

Extra supplies I used

- Mister (not included - similar one here)

- Plastic bag (not included.. JUST use AN old target bag lol)

Step one

Take your plant out of the planter and place it on your plastic bag for easy clean up. Pull off some of the extra soil at the bottom (Horti directions say about 1/3 of the soil). Move your staghorn off of the plastic and throw the plastic and soil away.

Step two

Place your staghorn in the center of your plaque between the screws. I rotated mine around a little to make sure I liked the way our staghorn laid on the plaque!

Step three

Dampen your sheet moss- this is what I used our mister for. tHE SPRAYER has a continual mist button so I just pressed the button and moved the moss around to get it all damp. :)

Step four

Cover the soil of your staghorn with the damp moss! Super easy!

Step five

take your twine and tie it to one of your screws. Then, wrap the twine around each of the screws.

Step six

Make a figure "X" with the twine until it feels secure. I wrapped mine around 7-8 times and tied off. I had leftover twine after and I think that's okay!

Step seven

Pick your favorite place for your new staghorn & mount! Staghorns like bright indirect light so place it in any room with good bright lighting and you'll be golden!

I hope this tutorial helps!

Let me know your thoughts/questions below! Xx - Christine

staghorn fern inspiration

photo source:  jenwalkersf

photo source: jenwalkersf

photo source: freshexchange

photo source: freshexchange

photo source:  SFgirl

photo source: SFgirl