The new Miracle Grow

Over the last few months I have been trying to find a good fertilizer for our plants. I came across a few at our local plant shops but nothing was really catching my eye. I decided I just wasn't going to fertilize this spring because I was losing hope. Until this..

About a month or so ago, I was watching instagram stories & that's when the magic happened! Angela from @restoring_home was talking about how whenever she has a little extra coffee in her pot she just gives it to her plants and they love it! I was mind blown.. and immediately tested it out. 

I was too impatient to wait until the next morning so I brewed a cup of coffee, mixed it with some cold water (so that it wasn't scorching hot) and then gave it to only a couple of our plants! I didn't want to give it to all of our plants incase they didn't like it. I really didn't want us to lose any plants over coffee haha. Full disclosure: I did however, test it out with our beautiful big bird of paradise. I have no clue what I was thinking because i would be so devastated if the coffee made her sad!

But sure enough.. a few days later our giant bird of paradise leaf finally rolled out. It's big leaf was growing for an entire year! I didn't think it was a coincidence but I still wanted to continue to test the coffee until announcing it to the world!

Bird of Paradise leaf in top left corner of photo.

Bird of Paradise leaf in top left corner of photo.

Soon after that, other plants began showing crazy new growth. Shawn was skeptical at first but i kept saying "its obviously because of the coffee!!". Eventually it was way too obvious to deny that our plants loved coffee and that they were showing new growth because of it.

I know that most of you are probably going to stop reading this in about 10 seconds to go brew coffee for your plants but before you do.. let me a couple of things with you!

I am not by any means a plant expert. I learn almost everything from experimenting and researching whenever I am curious about something. I am excited to share this because it has proven to work for me but I don't recommend giving all of your plants coffee before testing it. Just because you are not sure how they will react!

Here's how I've been giving my plants coffee: I brew 1 k-cup twice at the 12 oz setting in a big mason jar. Sometimes i let it sit for a while so that the coffee is cold. I use that mason jar for all of the plants in the house except for succulents and cacti (they will be my next experiment), I pour about 1/4 of the mason jar into my watering can and then fill the rest with water. This doesn't seem like a lot of coffee but it works just fine! I always water our plants once a week. Lately I've been giving our plants coffee during waterings every other week! Note: We don't use our Nespresso pods to feed our plants.. unfortunately those cups are way too expensive haha! The photos are just for creative purposes :)

I started off with just a few plants and I moved up to all plants except succulents and cacti. So far I've noticed that all of our Fiddle Leaf Fig, Bird of Paradise & Alocasia plants really love it.

I've been waiting to share this because I wanted to make sure our plants really loved the coffee. Now I'm so excited for you guys to try and hopefully share the same results as us! If you haven't yet—go check out @restoring_home! She has a beautiful home and also shares wonderful tips ;)

Let me know what you think below!