Winter Plant Life


This winter season is driving us crazy in the Higgs household.. plants included. Our house went from being bright & inviting ALL DAY LONG to grey & mellow in what literally feels like 10 minutes.. Where the heck did spring/summer/fall 2017 go?!?!?!?!

Since we have about 60+ plants and counting, we had to come up with a creative solution to give our plants the light they need to live through the winter season here in Ohio. We've received a lot of questions on how to care for house plants in the winter & about the plant lights we use. We figured now is the perfect chance to share all of the information we have on our lights & easy ways to care for your plants this winter season!

I've typed out a couple of tips for caring for your plants during the cold season! You may already practice these methods, but if you don't, now you can!


  1. With the winter weather approaching, most of us will be blasting our heat. This is something plants do not like. Seriously! Most of the time, when our plants seem unhappy in our home, it's usually because of poor light source or a plant being placed too close to an air vent. If you're running your heat a ton this winter, make sure you're misting your plants & try to place your green babies away from the vents if possible. As far as misting goes, we try to mist ours at least once a week if not twice because the air in our house is so dry from running the heat 24/7.

  2. Plants become dormant when the temperature drops. This means their growth rate will be a whole lot slower than it would be in your spring / summer months. Since your plant is basically sleeping during this time, you shouldn't have to water it as frequently as you normally WOULD (I'm saying "shouldn't" because I'm really not an expert. Only speaking from our own house plant experiences!)! For us, we've been watering our foliage plants once the top 1" of soil feels dry to the touch. Literally.. stick your finger in the soil to test this. For our cacti, we gave our big babies one big full gulp of water in November (right before any major temperature changes) and we will give them another watering end of January (possibly when our cacti will begin to come out of dormancy). & our smaller cacti will have one good watering in-between those times (aka next week haha). Cacti conserve a lot more water than foliage plants which is why they won't need to be watered as frequently (again, only speaking from our own experiences!). We're really not plant experts but this is the routine we've been following and our plants are doing just fine!

  3. Since the lighting in our home is greatly affected due to the nature of the winter sun, we've had to move a lot of plants to make sure they get the right amount of sunlight. After moving plants around for a few weeks. We decided that it would honestly be a whole lot easier to keep majority of our plants under our spectrum bulbs. This was honestly the easiest way to ensure they get adequate amount of "sun". Dan, the owner of The Lakewood Plant Company, recommended these bulbs to us & they are literally genius (& so is he obvi). He mentioned that they are extremely good for propagation (this is probably why the bulbs healed our cactus so quickly when Logan broke it). We originally got our bulbs for Shawn's cacti but now we use them for all of our plants!

The products we're about to share with you are tried and true for us. AKA we truly use them in our household. We have made sad plants happy again & we have healed some seriously damaged plants with these bulbs. We really hope these work for those of you that have reached out to us for advice! This was the main reason we created our platforms and we're so excited to help!

So here they are!



We bought theSE clamp lamps because they are super easy to unplug and move/clamp around the house. We clamp them to anything and everything! We clamp them to our fireplace for our large cacti, to our vintage cubby for our bird of paradise, they work in every spot in our house and are easy to adjust!  warning: the lighting on these bulbs is literally purple so please be ware that your entire room will be bright purple if you use these! I have seen some white Grow lights on amazon, but I sadly can't give our recommendation only because we haven't used them! Down the road, if we decide to purchase a different type of bulb, I will be sure to write about it for you guys on here!


That's it for now. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!




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