Stump Plants

It’s probably not a surprise to you that I’m starting off this shop series with a plant store. Stump has been one of my favorite plant shops since before I stepped into their stores IRL. At my last job [in Columbus] Stump occasionally had a little pop-up booth which is where I first purchased from them! Since I have recently started my new job in Cleveland (which i absolutely love), I haven’t been able to shop at their stores *tear*. Luckily Shawn loves plants as much as I do so we plan to make a few weekend trips down there to shop. :) These photos were taken during our most recent visit!!



One thing I absolutely love about Stump is that they partner with ceramic artists and sell their product in stores. If you didn ‘t know, over 90% of their wares are made by artists from all around the US! How cool is that? Some of my favorite ceramic pieces were purchased at Stump!

Small shops

Another cool thing they do is they welcome local pop-up shops to come in and sell their product for an afternoon! I’m all about building relationships and communities so this really means a lot to me and makes me want to shop at their stores to support even more!


Columbus Locations

Italian Village | German Village

Every time I go to Stump I’m always so excited about the curation of plants neatly organized around the boutique. Both of their locations are aesthetically pleasing. The shop is basically a gallery of plants! AKA a dream come true!


The Creators

The owners of Stump Brian & Emily (and Ray, their adorable dog and CEO ;)) are fantastic. They are super nice, genuine people and that totally reflects on their business and the community they have created. Back in February we met up with them to talk more about their plans for their future shop opening & guess where they are adding a location? CLEVELAND!

We are so excited for them to add a location here in Cleveland [Van Aken District]. For my local readers—they will be opening up shop at the end of this year! For now, we will have to have a little bit of a commute for our Stump plants.

Have you been to Stump? If you haven’t, you totally should check them out. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.   :)