Workshop Tour With Edgework Creative (+ A Surprise at the end!)


A few weeks ago, Shawn and I had the chance to take a tour of Edgework Creative’s workshop in Columbus to learn more about how this amazing, local company, handcrafts each piece.. IN HOUSE! We literally fell in love with every piece we saw, from custom conference room tables to even these small metalwork side creations.


We even got the chance to peek at some amazing prototypes that are currently in the works. One of them being the first image you saw in this post! This chair is such a work of art. I love how clean the lines are and I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!


The workshop was super open and had some pretty intense machinery, along with GORGEOUS wood throughout the entire shop. Like literally everywhere we turned! I was like a kid in a candy shop with my camera checking out all of the different tools and projects.


One thing I absolutely love about Edgework Creative (I’ve been a fan for a few years now) is that they genuinely care about every. single. detail. I’m not exaggerating! Every piece of wood is perfectly sanded and finished, metal is impeccably welded, furniture is perfectly constructed. It is so exciting to see such amazing attention to detail in person. They design furniture that’s made to last, in quality and in style. You can totally see that the minute you step into their workshop and even when you talk to the owners, Lindsay and Alex! It’s a great atmosphere, you can tell everyone at Edgework genuinely loves what they do!


Recently, Edgework launched the Mast stool, one of six new creations in their Feel Good Furniture collection.  The Mast stool (along with other pieces in the collection) was inspired by the structure of freeway light posts, and finding beauty in the simplicity of everyday objects. One of Edgework’s designers, Justin, literally came up with the idea on his way into work! How cool is that?! (P.S. this is how I get a lot of ideas myself! If you’re ever in a funk, go for a drive, it might help clear your mind which will create space for new ideas!)


When we first saw the stools, Shawn and I knew they would look so beautiful along our new kitchen island! We love that we had multiple options to choose from—we got to pick from two base colorways and 4 stool top options. We thought the walnut tops would look best with our sage cabinets. 😍


We’re so excited to partner with this amazing company on such a sweet project. We absolutely love that one of the reasons Edgework designed this line was so a broader audience can have the opportunity to create furniture unique to their individual wants, without having to do a fully custom project—which can get pricey! You can read more about their Feel Good Furniture line here. For me personally, I truly love that each top is completely different, although the stools are the same, they vary so much because of the grain.

I hope you guys are excited to see the Mast stools in our new home just as much as we are! They are going to look so beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled!

This post is sponsored by Edgework Creative, however all thoughts and opinions are my own!